οδικός χάρτης μακεδονίας Solin S.A - Production of Plastic Pipes & Fittings

Products used in a wide variety of Applications such as Heating, Sanitation, Underfloor Heating, Drainage, Greenhouse Heating, Geothermy and more.


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χαρακας με εκατοστα Offers energy and cost saving because it is ideal when combined with systems using alternative and renewable energy sources .

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Underfloor Heating

δειξατε χρονικη αντικατασταση In underfloor heating the pipes transporting the water are not used only for the supply of the radiator but together with the floor are turned into a radiator.

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αντωνια γιαννακοπουλου ηθοποιος Geothermal energy is a renewable and inexhaustible energy source ,given free by nature and is environmentally friendly .

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υπουργειο εμποριου επικοινωνια Sanitation systems prevent human contact with the hazards of waste and the treatment and proper disposal of sewage or wastewater.

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συλλαλητηριο αθηνα μακεδονια επεισοδια The drainage system refers to all the pipes used in private and public places.

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Greenhouse Heating

δεσμοι αιματος imdb Heating or electricity is one of the most considerable costs in the operation of greenhouses across the globe, especially in colder climates.


πωλειται αυτοκινητο λογω αναγκης 2015 HOur History

  • Foundation of Solin S.A.

    ντιτσος ηλιας καλυβια SOLIN S.A. was founded in 1984.

  • Our first steps

    καβαφης σατραπεια αναλυση On 23 of May 1986 an authorized company formation with the name SOLIN S.A. was established and Mr. Petros Blatzas, Mechanical Engineer, joined the two initial co-founders with part equal to 33,3% . During the same year the company completed an investment to the construction of a factory and production of plastic polybutelene (PB) pipes and corrugated (HDPE) pipes so the productive process of SOLIN S.A. started. Those are its first steps with the offices in Athens and the factory located in A’ Industrial Area of Volos.

  • Year 1988

    μοκασινια παιδικα voi noi In 1988 SOLIN S.A. started the production of Pex-b pipes (cross linked polyethylene pipes).

  • Year 1992

    τεταρτη καιρος αθηνα The year 1992 was a very significant year for SOLIN S.A. since the two initial co-founders left, so from this moment the company passed to Mr. Petros Blatzas and was fully owned by him.

  • Year 1995

    νυχτερινα κεντρα αθηνα κλειστα In 1995 a new investment for the purchase of new technologically improved production lines, suitable for the production of new improved pipes such as composite aluminum pipes, pipes with 3 or 5 layer oxygen barrier and generally pipes that were on demand not only in domestic but mainly in the international markets was made.

  • Today

    τσουναμι 2004 νοτιοανατολικη ασια The 30 years of manufacturing process, experience and knowledge of experts made our products to be among the top quality products of their kind in the international markets. Nowadays the Solin S.A. is widely known and its exports cover more than 50% of its annual turnover.

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νατάσα κάμπους σημερα αρλέτα τα μικρά παιδιά to learn more about SOLIDRAINS

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γινοταν γραμματικη αναγνωριση Our Innovative system Solidrains is Bathroom drainage system that uses PVC pipes and fittings. This system provides high standards of resistance and sealing for the operating conditions of the domestic drainage network or industrial installations. These pipes are suitable for waste water.

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βαλίτσες ταξιδιού θεσσαλονίκη The revolutionary drainage system SOLIDRAINS consists of flexible spiral outside and smooth inside PVC pipes as well as of PVC fittings. The SOLIDRAINS system is patented and SOLIN S.A. is the only Greek company that produces it.

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πως να μεγαλωσουν οι βλεφαριδες μου Easy and quick installation, easy stock, reliability, flexibility in installation (it can follow any prearranged direction in the floor). Both pipes and fittings of this system are made from PVC, the material that has already been used successfully in the drainage systems for many years. Easy transportation, this system can be easily carried by a private car.

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